• Stuart Macadam

Case Study: ESource Parts

ESource Parts is a Canadian based company that provides technology and accessories for smartphones, laptops and other technology gadgets.

The business is well established and has a loyal customer base.


The company was doing digital marketing on multiple channels, but found themselves unsure about what return on investment each platform was providing for them.

They didn't know which campaigns, ad sets and ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads were performing as expected and which ones weren't. They were also running email marketing mail outs and automations in Klaviyo but had not checked the performance of A/B test campaigns in a while.

In simple terms, the key tracking metrics were not evaluated often enough to determine where the efforts should be concentrated.


Hire Macadam Marketing to conduct a full marketing audit of...

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

The owner wanted to see straight away where the return on ad spend - or ROAS - was too high and where it was really good.

The marketing audit performed a full evaluation of these channels and made recommendations for improvements on all of these channels.

The work was completed within the agreed timeline, so as a bonus, additional audits were made on the website layout, SEO strategy & landing pages.

The Result

The client has used the recommendations to implement a watertight marketing plan that is less wasteful and focuses on outcomes that produce a good ROAS.

The contractors who managed the Google Ads, Facebook Ads & email marketing were also able to be questioned about the decision making behind their campaign set up and quickly implement the changes which the client felt were important for success.

What The Client Says

Amazing work, very detailed with his audit and thorogh, explained everything in detail over a call. Very well versed with all marketing. Thanks Stuart.

-Frady Yacoub

Founder and Owner of ESource Parts

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