• Stuart Macadam

Case Study: Marathon World Travel

Updated: Jun 11


Marathon World Travel provides holiday packages for people who are loooking to participate in some of the world's most well known international marathons.


The owner Judy Wolff had just taken over the business and needed help developing e-brochures, new website content and growing the digital marketing presence.


Created content for e-brochures that were dynamic, engaging and unique. I then sourced a professional graphic designer who redesigned each brochure and gave it a professional look.

Created new content for additional marathons and sourced photos for them too.

Grew the social media following to a level where it surpassed the biggest competitors and had a much higher engagement rate.

Implement a reviews system where anyone who bough a MWT package was invited to leave a review on Facebook or the website.

Distributed Marathon World Travel brochures to all major gyms around New Zealand.

What Judy Says

I feel Stuart will go far in life and love his attitude; as he said to me once when we first started working together, `I don’t waste time’.  Go Stuart! No lying around on the couch for you.

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