• Stuart Macadam

Case Study: Spark Path


Spark Path are an innovative education company that is challenging the way students prepare themselves for careers. Rather than follow the traditional model, they help them to discover their values, interests, and talents and visualize how they can make a real and unique contribution to the world.


The clients had a popular product which was being sold in their Shopify store called Challenge Cards.

With the development of a software as a service offering, a Ted Talk which he needed to prepare for, the owner did not have the time available to learn how to set up and implement the strategy himself.

He would much prefer to hire someone who knows the platform well to implement it.


Create an automated email marketing workflow which nurtured and engaged anybody who purchased the Challenge Cards.

Spark Path had already integrated their Shopify store to Mailchimp using Shopsync, which enabled data and information to be fed directly to Mailchimp.

We worked to create a command that automatically sent out the email to anybody who purchased the English challenge cards two days after their purchase.

This did require the buyer to opt into being added to the mailing list and we reworded the language on this opt-in option so that it would be more appealing.

5 emails were set up and tested. After fixing a few bugs, the automation launched.

The Result

A fully functioning automated email sequence with a strong engagement rate. The client was happy with the end outcome.

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