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Case Study: Stabicraft Marine


Stabicraft Marine is a well known Kiwi owned and operated boat building company. With headquarters in Invercargill and available for purchase at dealerships in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, it's an internationally recognised brand.

With a strong organic presence online, through an interactive website and engaging social media, it has captivated generations of boat owners.


The marketing team had developed a targeted, engaged audience: boat lovers, fishing enthusiasts and people who just enjoyed being out on the water. Their Facebook posts were generating a strong level of interest, but with two new models coming out, the number of enquiries and conversions was not as high as expected.


Work with Stuart Macadam to develop and implement a comprehensive Facebook remarketing strategy.

The first steps were taking the time to speak with Simon and understand the core fundamentals about Stabicraft. Who they are, what products they sell and what they're looking to get out of remarketing.

Once that information had been shared, we went to work creating a full scale strategy which outlines the full capabilities which Stabicraft has available to remarket to their Facebook audience. This included reaching people who had visited their website or engaged with their Facebook and Instagram posts. They were also shown the ability to convert existing posts into lead generation tools.

The second stage of the plan was a Skype consultation to take the plan which had been presented and starting to implement the parts which Stabicraft deemed as essential to promoting two new boat models of theirs which were being promoted heavily at the time.


21 enquiries from people who wanted to be directly contacted for under $18 per lead. The click through rate average was 5.05% and the cost per click held steady at $0.2 throughout the campaign.

When you consider that the average sale of a boat in the model they were promoting sells for well over $5,000, it's a very effective and economical cost per lead.

What The Client Says

“Stuart consulted with us to help unpack the tools available to us through Facebooks business manager. The project was to educate us on the opportunities available in this space. His approach allowed us to focus on the points where we saw value. His advice will be valuable in achieving many of Stabicraft's marketing goals going forward”

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