• Stuart Macadam

Case Study: Vizzybell


Vizzybell is a company that offers dynamic exit signage that changes state in real time to ensure building occupants can navigate their way to safety during an emergency.


The co-founders had no experience with digital marketing and needed help developing a brand presence. They wanted the right systems and structures in place to help them build an effective platform for lead generation.


  • Use co-founder's Linkedin account to implement a strong and aggressive outreach campaign on LinkedIn which focused on the target market; fire engineers, health and safety specialists, building managers.

  • Create a Facebook page

  • Work with owners to develop blog content that was optimised for SEO

  • Rewrite website content to communicate core benefits and solutions which the Vizzybell products provide.

  • Create and implement SEO content strategy, focusing on building a higher Domain Authority and Page Authority for the website using on page SEO and off page back linking.

  • Set up Mailchimp email marketing account and


  • Website Domain Authority went from 1 to 14

  • Website Page Authority went from 0 of 23

  • Went from 0-2 daily visitors to 1,500 visitors a month.

  • Built co-founder Brent Bell's LinkedIn network from 3 to 1,329 in 4 months and generated 100+ leads and expressions of interest on the platform.

  • Got 4 target keywords onto the Google rankings in five target countries.

  • Organic outreach helped client achieve first sale.

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