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Case Study: Yum Box

Updated: Jun 11

What greater thrill is there in life than trying something that hasn't been done before?

When I first started talking with Nathan & Alyssha, they had an incredible idea. An e-commerce website that sells snacks and treats that cater to people with food allergies and strict dietary requirements.

It was new, uncharted territory for both of us. While I have been in the digital marketing game for more than six years now, I had never prepared a full turnkey marketing strategy. Nor had I trained someone up across multiple marketing disciplines.

However, there is a first time for everything.

Working with Nathan & Alyssha allowed me to pool together everything I have learned in my working career to help unleash the amazing idea that is Yum Box.

The journey isn't over yet. But here's a look at how we collaborated.

About Yum Box

At Yum Box, the motto is “making snack time easy.”

If you have food allergies or dietary requirements but still crave delicious, yummy snacks, that’s where Yum Box can help.

Their product range caters to people who are

  • Gluten Free

  • Diary Free

  • Nut Free

  • Egg Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Soy Free

  • Keto

  • Paleo

  • Vegan

  • OR simply love Yum stuff.

Yum Box helps people say good-bye to cheating on that diet.

The Problem

Whilst founding the business, Nathan and Alyssha quickly realized their marketing knowledge and skill set was very limited.

The Solution

We identified what digital marketing areas were going to provide the most value for the business early on. After some consideration, I decided to set up and teach them...

-On page and Off page SEO

-Social Media Marketing

-Email Marketing


-Content Marketing

-Public Relations

The goal was to train them to a point where they would be able to take what they were taught and apply it themselves, without having to rely on me for implementation. Once they had the knowledge they needed, I would move into a consulting role and advise them on the overall strategy.

What the Client Says

My wife and I recently started our first business; an online store specialising in allergy aware and dietary specific gift baskets.

Whilst I have managed and ran multiple businesses before, starting your own is an entirely different ball game.

This is where we have found Stuart's training, input and guidance invaluable.

It was so helpful receiving such a detailed, specific clear instructions on how to setup and maintain everything from SEO to Social Media to Mailchimp. 

The amount of extremely comprehensive insights I received through Stuart's training was incredible, and I know that they won't just be skills and keys that I will use for this business, but into the future into other projects as well.

As well as this, I requested input in the design and copy of our website which was being developed at the time. I found his feedback absolutely critical as there were multiple areas that both the website designer and I had not had the long term foresight to see into potential issues that could have arisen through non-efficient layout/form. Stuart's fresh eyes were really appreciated pointing these out and changes were made accordingly

I have so appreciated Stuart over this whole process, I will be referring to him again in the future and I couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to up skill or/and receive sound business advice to move forward powerfully into the future.

Alyssha and Nathan

Yum Box Founders

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