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Here Is Why Public Relations In Marketing Works

Today, we're going to be looking at public relations, a type of marketing that is often misunderstood and poorly executed. After experiencing some great success (and a few failures) in Public Relations, here is my approach which you can steal if you're looking to do PR yourself. 1. Identify what you want to achieve. Write down what your goals and objectives are for the PR campaign. Make sure you include your key brand messages in there. 2. Ideas Have a look at what is trending on media circles. My belief is that you should not reinvent the wheel, EVER. Whatever media journalists, reporters etc are covering should be modified and adapted to your industry.  3. Personalise your outreach.  The days of automated PR blasts are fast waning. I now do all the list building and outreach manually and tailor every pitch, which includes a personal address to the receiver, mentions the name of the publication/news channel/radio station etc and mentions why this story is important for the audience of the media outlet. It does take longer but the results are so much better. 4. Follow Up A Lot I follow up with all media platforms twice after the initial outreach. For the big publications, I will follow up until they reply. 5. State your availability Always provide your availability for interviews and commentary. Media moves quickly and a delayed response can cost you the media placement.

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